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Edward Jones has just been assigned the biggest contract of his career.

Cool and confident, Edward knows he has the tools to make the sale. But he's never been up against the likes of Dr. Jared Young, a pious Mormon schoolmaster with a loving family and an unshakable faith in Joe Smith above . . . 

Gracefully blending dark comedy, suspense, and neo-Western noir, Tabernacle is sure to keep readers hooked on its unpredictable plot and unforgettable characters!

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Place the Flowers


​Edward Jones is retired from the sales game and now has a family of his own. (Sort of.)


But a bucolic life in the suburbs has its drawbacks, too, and when his old pal Roberto Villareal asks Edward to help him on his latest sale, Edward finds the massive commission to0 tempting to resist . . .

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The Ballad of Ricky Risotto

The Ballad of Ricky Risotto 2.jpg

It's 1979, and the world of professional wrestling is about to change forever. Small regional promotions are in danger of going extinct, gobbled up by greedy promoters from New York looking to monopolize the industry and make it acceptable for the masses.

Ozark Championship Wrestling is determined to avoid that fate. They're about to produce their first Pay-Per-View show, which will make or break their fortunes. But there's one small problem: Their champion has no plans to relinquish his title at the matchhell, he might not even show up at all. And Waylon Pritchardsaka Ricky Risottois the only one who might be able to talk some sense into the champ and save OCW's tenuous future . . .

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The Man From Coronado:

 A Lance Sacramento Story

Coronado Cover with Border.jpg

It's 1972, and Lawrence Santarellithe future Lance "The Hot Bod" Sacramentohas returned from Vietnam a bitter, angry, and violent man.

After a brush with the law, Lance crosses paths with The Chosen Few, a riotous motorcycle club that walks a fine line between righteousness and debauchery. He's not sure he wants to join up, but he's more than happy to ride along with The Few on their latest endeavor: Providing security for The Rolling Stones on the band's chaotic Stones Touring Party tour
a gig that culminates in violence, disillusionment, and one last chance at salvation.

The second part of the Ozark Championship Wrestling trilogy, The Man from Coronado continues the raucous fun of the OCW series while diving a little bit deeper into the promotion's wild mythology.

Available now on Amazon!

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