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Edward Jones has just been assigned the biggest contract of his career.

Cool and confident, Edward knows he has the tools to make the sale. But he's never been up against the likes of Dr. Jared Young, a pious Mormon schoolmaster with a loving family and an unshakable faith in Joe Smith above . . . 

Gracefully blending dark comedy, suspense, and neo-Western noir, Tabernacle is sure to keep readers hooked on its unpredictable plot and unforgettable characters!

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Unique, compelling, and quietly evocative . . . Tabernacle will simply delight literary readers.

Midwest Book Review


A dark work of speculative fiction so closely rooted in reality that it’s kind of scary with plenty of witticisms in the dialogue and moments of narrative joy . . . An accomplished work of fiction that will highly impress those with a dark sense of whimsy and a thirst for a truly unique tale.

Readers' Favorite


In a voice that seamlessly drops some of the best noir one-liners since Dashiell Hammett, Cavella both embraces the harsh cynicism of our modern age whilst pining for the values of an Americana long since passed.

—William M. Holden

Sharply written and wonderfully wrought, this dark comedy packs a powerful punch . . . Cavella’s confident handling of his protagonist’s different sides, the original plot, and the expert execution make this one a page-turner.

The Prairies Book Review

A fun mix of dark comedy, Western, and detective noir.

Stacey Horan, The Bookshop at the End of the Internet podcast

Part comedy, part detective novel, and part hard-nosed Western, Tabernacle ends up being something else entirely—an exploration of a modern man at his best and his worst . . . Hilarious, moving, and ultimately brilliant. 

C. D. Hines

Readers who are looking for something a little off-kilter will enjoy this book. It's a fast-paced dark comedy/crime story that will appeal to fans of the Coen Brothers, Ben Stiller, and similar artists.

The Indie View

Tabernacle has all the trappings of a future cult masterpiece, a thoughtful and entertaining mystery tale peppered with dark humor and Western undertones with a plot twist that will keep you engaged. Cavella’s ear for Southern speech and laconic style, along with a sharp-but-dark sense of humor, combine to make Tabernacle entertaining from start to finish.

Vincent Dublado

The Ballad of Ricky Risotto 2.jpg


Mountain Mayhem!

The 1970s were a glorious time for movies, music, and professional wrestling--and Marc captures the wild essence of all three with the Ozark Championship Wrestling series!

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IMG_1879 (2)8888_edited.jpg

Marc has been a professional writer for nearly twenty years.

Tabernacle is the first novel he's released to the public, and marks the arrival of a unique new voice in the literary world.

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Marc's media page contains lots of great contentinterviews, podcasts, reviews, and more! It even contains a couple of Marc's hilarious blogs about whatever strikes his fancy, like old episodes of Frasier or awesome movies like Raising Arizona. Click here to check it all out now!


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